Come and join us for a riding clinic with F.E.I. competitor, trainer and creator of the riding program called “Equilation”.

June 25th thru July 1st, 2018

$175 per ride – No charge to audit

Contact: Claudia Roberts 818-256-6080

Hosted by:
Hacienda Del Valle & Courtship Ranch

My training is mainly in classical Dressage work, but I also teach Jumping utilizing gymnastic exercises to help create suppleness and straightness in the equine. Part of my approach in training involves listening to the non-verbal messages coming from the horse and/or the rider. In a step by step approach during a lesson, we find how to strengthen the “clear intention” of the rider, therefore, creating better understanding for the horse while also helping the rider feel the state of their horse in order to have fairness and Respect during the work. -Kai-Mark Sebastian

Mr. Sebastian has been a member of the Niedersachesen-Kader (Team) as a Junior and Young Rider. He has been head trainer at Deutschland Halle in Berlin; head trainer at Santa Fe Sport Horses USA; Head trainer in Dressage at Rahmannshof (Germany); Head trainer at Gut Landfrieden and Member of the Board; and Head trainer at Pferdezentrum in Düsseldorf. He currently holds clinics in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain and The USA