Dane Lawrence

Dane Lawrence

For USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist Dane Lawrence, building a harmonious connection between horse and rider is the ultimate goal of dressage. With an emphasis on lightness, consistency, and proper technique, Dane strives to help his clients and their horses develop the knowledge and skill to achieve a strong and successful partnership.

More often than not, our horses are stiff or resistant because we as riders are tense or off balance. When this happens, we lose the ability to communicate through our aids. Once we learn to engage the right muscles and develop a balanced seat, our horses immediately begin to go better, because they can “hear” us more clearly.

Dane Lawrence has over 20 years’ experience as a trainer, competitor and instructor. Dane believes that proper school exercises, based on a solid classical approach, can enhance the balance, strength, and suppleness of any horse, regardless of age, breed, or conformation.

Dane’s well-rounded training program combines arena riding with in-hand work, trail, jumping, and turnout. By keeping his schooling sessions positive, yet challenging, Dane’s goal is to help both horse and rider move forward together and reach their full potential.

Dane offers full-service training, lessons, sales, as well as purchasing services.

Dane Lawrence
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