Susann Regalmuto


USDF Certified Instructor and Trainer

With her skill set and knowledge of dressage, as well as
her warm demeanor, she adds a lot to the local dressage
community and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

-Kathleen Raine, two-time U.S. Olympic dressage team member and West Coast trainer

Susann Regalmuto

USDF Certified Instructor and Trainer

Creating and refining the partnership between horse and rider is the radiant hub from which Susann Regalmuto’s teaching and training emanate. The native German’s equestrian upbringing revolved around the German Training Scale that remains the core of her approach. Those principles are familiar in the dressage world, where she is well-known as a competitor, trainer and teacher. They are also the principles upon which horses and riders in any discipline establish the clear communication critical to enjoying their time together. That’s true whether the goal is show ring success or a pleasant Sunday stroll outside the arena.

Education is Susann’s passion. She is certified as an instructor and trainer by the United States Dressage Federation and embodies the German horsemanship tradition of lifelong learning. Susann brings her clients and their horses an effective blend of deep-rooted training traditions infused with fresh perspectives. Completing the USDF’s L judging education program further expanded her knowledge base.

Distilling an ongoing education into her own definition of dressage’s essence, Susann explains, “It is technique grounded in knowledge, triggered by awareness and executed by feel.”

USDF Silver and Bronze Medals reflect her many competitive accomplishments. These have been earned with a variety of breeds that included Warmbloods, Spanish and Baroque horses.

Based in California since 2000, Susann is located at Courtship Ranch in Los Angeles’ Lakeview Terrace area.


Susann offers individual riding lessons for all levels and a full range of customized training packages!

Susann Regalmuto