Michele Purpora-Tardi

Michele Purpora-Tardi

Michele’s formal training has been in jumping, dressage and natural horsemanship, all of which she continues to study. She has a degree in physical education and dance. Her programs use progressive, preservative exercises to get a horse emotionally, mentally and physically fit without the use of force. Students have fun while safely building a relationship with horses and increasing the horse’s confidence and abilities as well as their own, the result is a true horseman. All ages and level are welcome.

Michele’s approach to working with horses is that of art, and brings the principles of natural horsemanship to her lessons and training. Her philosophy is that for both horses and students, it is important to take small steps and make sure that progress is made on solid basics without the use of force. To have them enjoy their work and want to be with us, effort is put into ensuring their happiness and confidence in all aspects of their handling.

Michele offers full-service training & lessons including Dressage, Quadrille and Natural Horsemanship.

Michele Purpora-Tardi