Courtship Ranch welcomes a variety of riding styles and is pleased to have several instructors and trainers working here.

Dane Lawrence and Willowcrest Dressage

For USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist Dane Lawrence, building a harmonious connection between horse and rider is the ultimate goal of dressage. With an emphasis on lightness, consistency, and proper technique, Dane strives to help his clients (ranging from beginning to experienced riders) and their horses develop the knowledge and skill to achieve a strong and successful partnership.

More often than not, our horses are stiff or resistant because we as riders are tense or off balance. When this happens, we lose the ability to communicate through our aids. Once we learn to engage the right muscles and develop a balanced seat, our horses immediately begin to go better, because they can “hear” us more clearly.

With over 20 years as a trainer, competitor and instructor, Dane believes that proper school exercises, based on a solid classical approach, can enhance the balance, strength, and suppleness of any horse, regardless of age, breed, or conformation.

Dane advocates a well-rounded training regimen, integrating arena riding with in-hand work, trail, jumping, and turnout. By keeping his schooling sessions positive, yet challenging, Dane’s goal is to help both horse and rider move forward together and reach their full potential.

USDF Silver and Bronze Medalist
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Jennifer Granger and Rushton Stables, LA

Jennifer Granger became involved with horses at the age of 12 after she finally talked her parents into buying her a horse. She went on to ride and show Morgans and Saddlebreds in harness and under saddle in English and Western divisions in the Midwest for the next ten years.  She attended William Woods University, where she minored in Equestrian Science and had the good fortune to ride with renowned trainer, Gayle Lampe.  She later moved to California where she has been teaching riding and driving for the past 10 years.  She enjoys teaching riders of all levels and ages and sharing her passion for horses with her students.

Rushton Stables is a World renowned training barn that has met with success locally, regionally, and nationally, with consistency, for the last 25 years. With wins in nearly every division offered in the Morgan Show world as well as winning in top company with our Saddlebreds, Hackney Ponies, and Hackney Horses, this is an establishment that has stood the test of time.

For those interested in the show ring, there is no question that Rushton Stables should be a consideration to help you achieve your goals and care for your horses. For those looking to learn to ride for pleasure or simply to enjoy some outside time with horses and the benefits of exercise, there’s a great spot for you at Rushton Stables to learn the right way and enjoy your hobby.
Lessons are taught 6 days a week with first timers thru World Championship caliber riders. All get the same attention to safety and fun with each rider or driver striving toward their individual goal. We believe that those that want to learn to ride and drive casually should have the same clean & pleasant atmosphere, well trained horses, and top level instruction as show riders in order to become competent riders and enjoy the sport to its fullest. And for the people that want to compete and make themselves the best they can be and excel in the sport of showing horses, we feel they should have every chance to do so with a team behind them that will work in the best interest of that success and enjoyment.
Jennifer can be reached at 323-365-2035 or



Michele Purpora-Tardi and Robele Farms

Michele’s formal training has been in jumping, dressage and natural horsemanship, all of which she continues to study. She has a degree in physical education and dance.  Her programs use progressive, preservative exercises to get a horse emotionally, mentally and physically fit without the use of force. Students have fun while safely building a relationship with horses and increasing the horse’s confidence and abilities as well as their own, the result is a true horseman. All ages and level are welcome.

Michele’s approach to working with horses is that of art, and brings the principles of natural horsemanship to her lessons and training. Her philosophy is that for both horses and students, it is important to take small steps and make sure that progress is made on solid basics without the use of force. To have them enjoy their work and want to be with us, effort is put into ensuring their happiness and confidence in all aspects of their handling.

Michele can be reached through Courtship Ranch or by calling her directly at 818-834-5818,
More information can be found at



Nell Faulkner Western and Ranch Horse Riding

A native Texan, Nell’s love of horses began before she could walk, carried to pony rides every week by her favorite uncle. She moved to California in 1978. where she produced television commercials and finally got her first horse. From that day she spent every spare moment with her horses, learning everything she could about them, including completing the Equine Husbandry program at College of the Canyons (1998-2001). She had a passion for cow horses and spent years riding, watching and learning from some of the best in the industry, like Greg Ward, Teddy Robinson and Don Buttrey, men who had already forgotten more than most will ever know about horses, were all mentors. She also strives to improve her communication skills with horses by learning from legends in Natural Horsemanship like Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and Harry Whitney (a student of Ray Hunt).

Nell started training and instructing professionally 10 years ago, for her, training horses is a dance, and every day you get to dance with your favorite partner is a good day. Her passion now is helping her clients and their horses form a partnership built on mutual kindness, trust, and respect. Most of the horses she trains aren’t fancy, people bring her horses they are passionate about and using the knowledge she’s gained over the years Nell has trained horses and riders to win in multiple western disciplines including cattle sorting, trail trials, arena obstacle challenges, western dressage as well as rail classes. She works with riders and horses of all ages and skill levels, and particularly enjoys helping kids and those who are new to horses get started the right way. Come see her program, meet her horses and ride with her at Courtship, but be prepared to work hard, get real dirty, learn and laugh a lot!

Cal Nell directly at 818-378-9667 or email

Or visit her facebook page Nell Faulkner Natural Horsemanship

Felipe Ruiz and Ruiz Trail Horses

Felipe Ruiz has been working with horses since he was a child in Mexico. He has been training horses and riding the trails in the Little Tujunga Canyon, Hansen Dam, Shadow Hills, and Lake View Terrace areas for over 20 years. Felipe has often been referred to as a “Horse Whisperer” because of his kind and gentle way with horses. He uses understanding of the horse’s personality, thought process, nature, and method of communicating to bring the horse into a position of security and confidence. These elements are especially important when trail riding.

Felipe is a member of the Foothill Mounted Patrol, a volunteer equestrian watch group dedicated to the safety, education and assistance to the community of the Hansen Dam Recreation Area.

Felipe can be reached at (818) 825-8396


Courtship Ranch Boarder Horse Show Photos 2010

Our trainers had a very active 2010 show season. We celebrate their successes with the following video.