Nell Faulkner

Nell Faulkner

A native Texan, Nell’s love of horses began before she could walk, carried to pony rides every week by her favorite uncle. She moved to California in 1978. where she produced television commercials and finally got her first horse. From that day she spent every spare moment with her horses, learning everything she could about them, including completing the Equine Husbandry program at College of the Canyons (1998-2001).

Nell had a passion for cow horses and spent years riding, watching and learning from some of the best in the industry, like Greg Ward, Teddy Robinson and Don Buttrey, men who had already forgotten more than most will ever know about horses, were all mentors. She also strives to improve her communication skills with horses by learning from legends in Natural Horsemanship like Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and Harry Whitney (a student of Ray Hunt).

Nell started training and instructing professionally 10 years ago. For Nell, training horses is a dance and every day that you get to dance with your favorite partner is a good day. Her passion now is helping her clients and their horses form a partnership built on mutual kindness, trust, and respect. Most of the horses she trains aren’t fancy, people bring her horses they are passionate about and using the knowledge she’s gained over the years Nell has trained horses and riders to win in multiple western disciplines including cattle sorting, trail trials, arena obstacle challenges, western dressage as well as rail classes.

Nell works with riders and horses of all ages and skill levels, and particularly enjoys helping kids and those who are new to horses get started the right way. Come see her program, meet her horses and ride with her at Courtship, but be prepared to work hard, get real dirty, learn and laugh a lot!

Nell specializes in western riding, from cow horses to western show horses to western dressage.

Nell Faulkner
Natural Horsemanship