August, 2015

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Evacuation Procedures

fire evac 2Fire Awareness Preparations

* Have a leather halter with a lead rope hanging on your stall.  At the very least your horses name should on it. Preferably it will also have some sort of contact information on it. Other things you can do to help with identification for your horse is to purchase a Velcro name band and/or have your horse micro chipped.

*Make sure your horse will load into different types of trailers. We may not have an option as to what horse goes into what trailer. If we are evacuating it will be a load ‘em up and get out asap situation.

*Make sure your horse is up to date on immunizations. You might want to consider rabies shots (not required at this time but strongly suggested) as wild animals get displaced during fires and exposure risks goes up.

*Please fill out an emergency contact page and attach a photo of your horse to it. These are kept in a notebook that will be kept in the horse van. Ideally, I would like to make laminated cards with this information on it to clip to the horse’s halters. Any help in doing this would be appreciated.

In Case Of Fire Danger:

*You will be sent a text. It may say simply “fire”, “fire at ranch” etc.  Do not call or text back. We will be busy. Come to help if you can.

What you Can Do:

*Put halters on horses.

*Turn the sprinklers on in the round arena and large arena.

*Close the gates to the large arena. Why? Because we may have to turn horses loose in here if things go bad quickly.

*If you have a tow vehicle and horse trailer bring it up to the circle for loading. Or if you have a vehicle that tows see if you can hook up to one of the trailers in the lot.

*Our evacuation point could be Hansen Dam Equestrian Center,  LAEC,, or Pierce College.

Know How to Get in and Out:

Should  Dominica Ave, the main access road be closed or blocked, there are 2 other ways that might be able to use to get in. You can go further west on Foothill and turn up the private dirt road just past Esko. That will bring you to the front of the dog agility yard.  You can also try coming straight up Esko to our house and walk through the yard to the ranch that way.