May, 2011

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Southern California riders will
have an opportunity to clinic with
John Saint Ryan.
The clinic rides was held
May 15th at the Courtship
Ranch in Lake View Terrace near
Los Angeles.

John is most well known for his extensive study with Master horseman Tom Dorrance and his commitment to Tom’s teachings
bring an aspect to classical riding that is unique and enlightening.
John offers practical ways to help more fully understand Tom’s philosophy of reaching inside yourself to find the place where
you can communicate and help reach “what’s on the inside” of your individual horse.

John’s students learn the importance of “body, mind and spirit” in every aspect of their relationship with their horses. John Saint Ryan competed and won the U.S. National Championship Title in Doma Vaquera Spanish Riding 3 times in 2004, 2005, 2006. He has a reputation as a truly talented, kind and gentle horseman. Whether he is working with Championship Show Equestrians or dedicated recreational riders, his focus in teaching is the same: “I want to help the students develop a deeper level of communication with their horses and unlock the incredible potential that each horse has to offer”. There is no trauma or turmoil in a John Saint Ryan lesson! Just lots of fun and amazing results in connecting and communicating with your horse, no matter what your riding discipline may be.